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#1 2011-12-29 19:38:12

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i thought i would stop by and say thank you to the devs who produce this great de. i use unity and love discovering new tricks and little hacks but i also use xfce to just go and get the job done..it has been a while since last using xfce and wow.... what changes!  i have some questions though..  is xfce dependant on gnome2.x to where it will need a rewrite when 2.x fades away? i hope not..  now lets mention a thorn.. thunar.. i have always liked thunar and especially the renamer..nothing better out there for renaming.. and thunar is fast.. but sadly for me it always falls to 2nd place behind pcmanfm-mod for usability and looks.. i wont go into why because i am not here to gripe..i am here to say thank you and have a great holiday season.. you devs are appreciated!


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