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#1 2013-02-28 17:42:58

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Hello from Slovenia


I'm not really a newly registered user, but I just found out this week that I was registered here for three years and I haven't posted anything.
My name is Aljaž and I come from a small country in central Europe - sLOVEnia. Linux was introduced to me about seven years ago, when I
discovered cute green chameleon SUSE 10.1. Even though SUSE wasn't the right distro for me, I deleted my Win disk after one year and went
full commando (with underwear, just without Win). Of course we all experienced some distro-hopping and different DEs, but now I am settled
on Arch (home) and Xubuntu (work) - my favorite DE being Xfce (oh, and I play a little with awesome).
I am also few weeks before getting my diploma in nuclear physics and I work for about a year on a research nuclear reactor, where I try to
spread some Linux Love and just inform coworkers about FOSS alternatives. As a bit of a rebel, I try to use open source software every step
of the way at work, though I have some problems sometimes (and advantages - terminal and some "dirty work" doesn't scare me).
Xfce wasn't my first choice at the time, but by growing up also my love for minimalism, perfectionism and pureness grew so the Xfce is almost
made specially for me. And it fits perfectly my workflow. smile


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