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#1 2013-04-02 06:20:33

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[noob] Simple questions, requests, etc.

Distro: Linux Mint 13 Xfce (Xfce4.10 iirc)

What I want:
screenshot for reference: http://i.imgur.com/jVUtisG.jpg
1. I want to change the font color of *only the panel with the date/weather (top).*
----- I'm pretty sure this (screenshot of code) is my answer but since I want to edit just one panel - Panel 2 - I'm not sure what to use in "widget "*Xfce*Panel*". "*Xfce*Panel2*"? "*Xfce*Panel*2*"? etc.

2. How do I precisely center panels? If the panel is of fixed width the precise point can be located whereas if the panel has the automatic sizing feature on it won't be perfect... but what files do I edit to change the (x, y) coordinates of panels?

3. Relating to #2, back to the top panel... how do I move the panel a smidge less than it moves down if I move it by dragging and dropping? i.e., imagine DNDing moves the panel down 1cm, but I want to move it down .5cm. Assuming this isn't impossible due to pixels/coordinates stuff...... how/what files etc.?

4. This one might be impossible. As you can see, I use a 2-row window bar. The windows are ordered, starting from the left-top: column1/row1, column1/row2, column2/row1, column2/row2, etc.... I'd like the order to be: column1/row1, column2/row1, column3/row1 etc., then switch to using c#s/r2's after the max number of windows (which, it seems, I'd have to set) is used per row.
----- The reason I want this is because this is a fixed-width panel, and if I don't have a lot of windows open the window bar lonly has windows on one side of the window bar and the rest is empty but the bar is still there since it's a fixed-width panel. I can live with row2 being all empty at times, but column4/5/6/7/8/etc.? Not nice.


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