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#1 2013-08-20 15:23:55

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greetings from greece

Hello people,

My name is dimitris , my location is Greece. ive been using casualy linux for a few years, mainly on debian/gnome and ubuntu/unity systems. yesturday i had to clean install my system, and decided it was time to change. so now im here, i installed Arch linux and xfce DE with GDM. i have to say i am more than amazed by this de, its more than i expected, and faster than latest gnome versions smile

Well it;s installed now, and customized, and it will stay. babye gnome / unity, fare well, and hello new world order, xfce!

I hope our jurney together to be fun and seamless.


PS: i just finished configuration, and i will upload a screenshot  smile


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