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#1 2013-11-04 20:49:47

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Issue with window snapping

Hello everyone.
I'm using Mint 15 XFCE and I have an issue with the window snapping. When you try to snap a window to the border, it doesn't work when the window had been maximized before. And when you have snapped it to some edge, when you click the maximize button, it doesn't maximize but goes back to its default size first and you have to hit the maximize button again.

Both are no big problems and don't change the fact that XFCE is the best DE, but still they are little things that make the workflow a bit less convenient and are probably easy to fix.

Thank you for advise on fixing that and of course thank you for giving XFCE to the world



#2 2014-03-13 17:47:53

From: infinity;(randomlyBorn:)WI,USA
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Re: Issue with window snapping

Hello from the future. smile I use Debian-Jessey with Xfce4 and have the same problem. Plus, when I want to snap a window to fit one half my screen, grabbing the title bar and pulling to the edge nothing happens but then if I regrab and try again it works?

Could need way more info than put to help and conversely.
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