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#1 2013-12-26 20:11:25

From: Florida
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Would an actual explanation be too much to expect?

Taken from the sticky, something I'm sure others would find worth griping about:

New Features:
User Avatars: Several on the server+external links (sorry, no user uploads)

I'd really like to know why we're not permitted to upload those itty bitty teeny tiny files which are commonly less than 10KB in size? I really like having my own personal avatar that I designed specifically for my various forum accounts and it does bother me that I can't have my avatar here. Also, the quote above mentions "several on the server" but when I signed up there were zero avatars available to me ... only a link to the gravatars site ... on which you have to sign up. How is signing up on yet another site (risk of more data mining) better than just having a bunch of default avatars available directly?
I guess I'm just not comprehending the reasoning for this ... sad


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