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#1 2014-06-04 21:51:50

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Thunar Feature Request: Hover View

Just curious if it would be possible to do a plugin that would allow to hover an image file with a modifier key pressed (Shift-Key for example) and have the full image pop up in it's own window. Just like the Imagus plugin for browsers. Of course it wouldn't need to be so detailed, but with some basic functions like fit to screen and pan & zoom.

I use it so much in my browser that I keep trying to do the same thing in Thunar out of habit, just holding my shift key and nothing happens. tongue

I thought maybe using a lightweight image viewer like feh for the backend possibly? I don't know of any other file managers with this ability, but then again I've been using Thunar for years now so I'm out of touch with other file managers.


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