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#1 2014-07-15 12:43:16

Registered: 2013-09-15
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sys tray/notification area item order

Is it possible to set a fixed order of Known Applications in the Notification Area?

I'm using xdotool for some tasks pertaining a couple of notification icons, and it's a bit difficult if the icons jump around in the area :-)

The Properties window does not seem to have a function like that, and I can't find any file in ~/.config/xfce4 or xfce4-session to hack.

Xfce4 (btw - where do I find the exact xfce4 version number?) on SolydX.



#2 2014-07-15 15:08:41

From: Canada
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Re: sys tray/notification area item order

It  doesn't look like the functionality exists to specify order - looks like they are just placed alphabetically. From: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/tr … tray-box.c:

/* sort icons by name */
name_a = systray_socket_get_name (XFCE_SYSTRAY_SOCKET (a));
name_b = systray_socket_get_name (XFCE_SYSTRAY_SOCKET (b));

You can create an enhancement request over at https://bugzilla.xfce.org/buglist.cgi?c … lution=--- to request this functionality.

I also don't see any method where the items in the notification area are exposed as a listing that can be programmatically queried.

Xfce4 (btw - where do I find the exact xfce4 version number?) on SolydX.

Running "xfce4-about" will get you the general Xfce version, but since you are asking about a component of xfce4-panel, it might be more relevant to specify the panel version:

xfce4-panel -V

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