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#1 2014-07-18 11:28:05

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Is a "clean" Workspace 2 possible ?

Hi, I am using  xfdesktop version 4.11.6, running on Xfce 4.10 with Ubuntu. Is it possible to have one of the workspaces show just the wallpaper without all the icons that I seem to build up over time ? There was an App called FENCES that would do this, I think in Windows but I don't know how to achieve this in Xfce.

Cheers . . . .Brian

Hi ToZ, thanks for the response. Can you tell me where I find the switch that controls icon display on the desktop ? Maybe I can make a script using Autokeys or something

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#2 2014-07-18 14:55:19

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Re: Is a "clean" Workspace 2 possible ?

xfdesktop won't do this out of the box. You have 2 options:

1. The screenlets package has a "folderview" screenlet that apparently works kind of like Fences on windows. I've never used Fences so I'm not sure of the functionality, but the folderview screenlet lets you group icons into a "window" on the screen. I don't believe it lets you hide the display of icons on the desktop though (however, they can be turned off).

2. Programatically write a routine that will watch for workspace changes on the desktop and when it changes to the workspace you want clean, flips the switch that displays icons on the screen.

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