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#1 2014-07-31 09:12:05

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[Solved] xfce4-session wrong workspace

Hi all,
I am using debian 7.4 with xfce 4.8. I have four workspaces where I have ordered some applications (e.g. aplications using internet is in workspace1, multimedia in workspace4 ...).
I have checked saving session after log-out. After swich-on computer (or log-in) all aplications are running - it is OK, but all are in the same workspace - and I must order it again.
What should I do to system remember in which workspace were application?

I am linux begginer, so if you send me any advice - please explain it simply and all steps.



#2 2014-07-31 10:54:57

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Re: [Solved] xfce4-session wrong workspace

Hello and welcome to the forums.

This was a known issue in 4.8 and was fixed in version 4.10.


In if you can't upgrade, you can look at using devilspie to force-load applications to certain workspaces. You can use a .ds file like:

	(is (application_name) "APPNAME")
		(set_workspace WORKSPACE)

...just change APPNAME to be the name of the application you want to affect and WORKSPACE to be the workspace number.

You'll need to create one .ds file for each application (e.g. ~/.devilspie/thunar.ds) and need to start devilspie on login.

Note: this will affect those applications all of the time you start them.

Note2: there is also a gui application to assist with creating devilspie configuration files (which beginners might find helpful). See: https://code.google.com/p/gdevilspie/wiki/gDevilspie. It may be in your official distro repositories.

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#3 2014-08-01 05:48:40

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Re: [Solved] xfce4-session wrong workspace


for solving i have used devilspie.


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