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#1 2007-07-05 09:26:01

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Hi guys,
hope this is the correct forum.
My problem is related to USB automount. I see this problem on all the distros which use Xfce 4.4.1.
When I plugiin a USB device, I see it on the desktop but when I go to open I get an error message related to a policy setted somewhere. This prevent the mount of the device.
I've tried the same operation (plug/unplug) on the same distro but with KDE and everything is regular: I can access the device from the desktop and I see it mounted in midnight commander, which is my purpose since I work mainly with mc.
So I think the problem is not related to HAL or something like, but it's an "unwanted feature" of Xfce.
Can someone direct me to remove the blocking policy?

Thank you in advance


#2 2007-07-07 08:44:23

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Re: Automount

It sounds like a distro problem, you're probably not in the storage group.


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