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#1 2011-03-20 16:34:36

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Hi <g>

Yes... Here to stay, or at least to come back <G>

Nice way to get clean lists! Having a post, not just lurking.
There's nothing wrong with lurking, just...

Bye, as nobody will ever read this.

But XFCE should create a wine-like XFCE and GTK bridge between the recent Enlightment libraries 1.x the XFCE GUI. This is NECESSARY to restore XFCE, to (promote it), as the lightest USABLE environment. Before anyone does, like the LXDE system.

The healthy competition here is just to be the first to be really small and fast, when the Enlightment UI is NOT usable, and nether is LXDE, while in some PC's the LXDE is the only choice. I just believe XFCE is much better, as everyone here. BTW: The first distro to use XFCE on the back of the Enligthment libraries will be a remarkable change and a strong proponent to the return of Linux as the Really most flexible, efficient, and usable OS. Linux-E-libs+XFCE accepting GTK applications. The recipe of success? It seems so!


#2 2011-03-20 18:43:22

From: Freightyard.
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Re: Hi <g>

Gee, just call me Nobody!  big_smile

bah weep grana weep ninny bon. big_smile


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