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#1 2017-01-05 06:35:11

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Install xfce4 at redhat without the root permission

Hi all,

I only have one user account of one redhat machine. The original Desktop is very bad. I want to install install xfce at that machine, but I don't have root permission.

I have google it, most of them are install with "sudo".

Could I know is it possible to install the xfce at redhat machine without the root permission?
If possible, how to achieve that?


#2 2017-01-05 07:48:19

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Re: Install xfce4 at redhat without the root permission

In order to install software on any Linux computer you either need the root password or you need to have access to the appropriate commands via sudo.  If you don't have either, you'll have to ask whoever administers that computer to do it for you.

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#3 2017-01-06 05:01:21

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Re: Install xfce4 at redhat without the root permission


If that is your computer.   You probably need to a do clean install.    Mixing distros is not wise.     You might want to choose fedora xfce.   It is possible to run fedora xfce without a root password but it requires doing something with policykit which I am not familiar with.   What I do, when I am the only person to use the computer, is I set the root password & the administrative the same.   It keeps you from figuring out which password you need.  Most distro require the use root or sudo & some use both.    One distro that doesn't require a sudo or root password is Puppy Linux.  I don't think Puppy Linux is updated yet.


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