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#1 2017-06-07 23:26:13

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install downloaded apps from desktop?

Hope someone can help me here.
I am brand new to using linux, apart from a little previous messing around with Ubuntu over the years.
But more through curiosity and when my hackintosh crashed out on me, Ubuntu flash drive always saved the day.

I am presently learning to program C and C++ for embedded systems.
And need to use a linux system to run the free software that is provided by the manufacture (STMelectronics).

So. i have converted my chrome book to run XFCE via Crouton.
I have so far managed to bluff my way through by reading google posts and instructions and have XFCE installed ok
with software centre working, as well as firefox working.

However, i downloaded the two main apps i would like to use via XFCE.
One called STM32Cube and another called True Studio
both which in their basic form are free.

But I now want to install them on my XFCE build.

One of the packages is a tar.gz compressed file
while the other is a zip file (although will have to double check that this isn't a mac osx file)
both of the files are on the desktop

i was wondering if it is possible for me to install from the terminal
and if so, how do i do this and how to I navigate to them in the terminal

thanks for any help


#2 2017-06-08 00:57:57

From: Canada
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Re: install downloaded apps from desktop?

Hello and welcome.

This isn't really an issue with Xfce per se, but a more generic linux question. With respect to TrueStudio, the installation instructions are presented at the download screen (after you enter in contact information - luckily any contact info will do). It states:

Installation notes

Extract the downloaded archive
$ sudo tar -C /opt -xvf ~/Downloads/Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_ARM_linux_x86_64_v8.0.0_20170516-1149-beta.tar.gz

Run install.sh
$ cd /opt/Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_ARM_8.0.0 && sudo ./install.sh

Start TrueSTUDIO
$ cd /opt/Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_ARM_8.0.0/ide && ./TrueSTUDIO

As for the other product, it requires an email address and verification and I didn't bother going through the process. Perhaps they also have installation information available?


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