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#1 2017-10-07 23:43:51

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How to access your Android device wirelessly with Thunar

[this is a derail originated in the previous post about Android USB connection, I'm posting separately after MountainDewManiac asked me]

Here's my attempt at a very simple tutorial; so simple I'm going to omit Gigolo now and work with plain Thunar (well, gvfs-equipped Thunar, but that's the default in Xubuntu AFAIK):

Assuming Xubuntu PC + Android device.

- Install Primitive ftpd to your Android device, run it, tap the "gear" icon.
- Set the username and password.
- Choose SFTP only (not plain FTP). This will make the connection encrypted using SSH.
- Pick a port for the SSH connection.
- Go back to the main window and press the "play" icon to start the server (you'll be asked to generate the keys at this point, but only the first time).
- In your computer, open Thunar, press Ctrl+L or click in the location bar and write




and press Enter.
- The first time you do this, you'll be warned and asked to confirm that this is ok.
- You should then be asked for your password (with the possibility to remember it for the session or permanently, or forget it right away).
- Your Android filesystem should be accesible now, with an entry in the NETWORK part of Thunar's sidebar.
- If you right-click on that sidebar entry, you can make a permanent bookmark under PLACES. Then, anytime you start the Android server (assuming the IP is the same, hence the convenience of using static IPs on your network), you can just click there and start browsing or transferring files...

Gigolo is just a convenient (better) way to manage these kind of network bookmarks, but as you can see it isn't necessary at all.

Again, I know there are many other methods, and I'm a KDE Connect user myself nowadays; besides, I'm definitely no authority in any of this, but I hope you find it useful.

Comments, corrections, additions and light jokes about how idiots shouldn't write the idiots' guide to anything are welcome!

PS: I should have googled better. This uses Filezilla instead of plain Thunar or Gigolo, but it has pictures of the Android/Primitive ftpd part (some links don't work tough). Cheers!

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#2 2017-10-08 09:08:52

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Re: How to access your Android device wirelessly with Thunar

Good for you, but AirDroid is so easy...

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#3 2017-10-08 12:52:38

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Re: How to access your Android device wirelessly with Thunar

Oh, I agree, that's why I use KDE Connect, which has feature parity with AirDroid, plus it's Free Software and doesn't require a browser.

AFAIK, AirDroid main features are:

- it's simple
- wireless
- send and receive SMS from PC
- device notifications
- bidirectional file transfer and clipboard
- backup and install apps
- send websites to your Android device

Well, KDE Connect gives me all of those except for backup and installation of apps (which I don't need), and sending websites, which is builtin in Firefox (and Chrome I'd guess) and can be done with the clipboard easily, plus it has also touchpad emulator and remote media control. It doesn't require Google Play or third party servers either, and is activelly maintained, that's why I moved from the SSH method described above.


#4 2017-10-08 20:15:27

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Re: How to access your Android device wirelessly with Thunar

srsly who cares?, just use what you like! I personally use syncthing so i have one local synchronized shared folder across all my devices... but yeah on work i use airmore because its easy and works with my company's network...


#5 2017-10-08 21:41:29

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Re: How to access your Android device wirelessly with Thunar

Well, MDM cared enough to ask for a how-to!

MountainDewManiac wrote:
alcornoqui wrote:

These days, connecting the phone directly via USB is my third option. What I used to do is to use an Android SSH server app (Primitive ftpd) [1] and mount it through a bookmark with Gigolo [2], the Xfce way!

Do you know if there is a how-to for doing this? A sort of "Idiots' Guide to...," as it were? Or, if not, would you consider writing one? This thread might not be the most appropriate place (unless, that is, prairie_dad is either interested in knowing how to connect the two devices using this method or at least does not mind, of course), but somewhere on this forum? I might not be the only person who is interested.

I agree that on a workplace network/computer there may be constraints that can make AirDroid the best solution.


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