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#1 2018-05-05 19:02:33

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He llegado aquí buscando ayuda, desde que me actualicé a Ubuntu Studio 18.04 no consigo recuperar la resolución de mi monitor Benq de 2560x1440, esta resolución me funcionaba en Ubuntu Studio 17.10. He intentado dar de alta nuevas resoluciones en Xrandr pero sin éxito y tampoco he podido instalar el controlador privativo de AMD porque me bloquea el sistema. Alguien me puede decir porque no se pueden poner resoluciones superiores a 1920x1080 con el nuevo gestor de pantalla de Ubuntu 18.04? Por favor.

I have come here looking for help, since I upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 18.04 I can not recover the resolution of my monitor Benq 2560x1440, this resolution worked for me in Ubuntu Studio 17.10. I have tried to register new resolutions in Xrandr but without success and I have not been able to install the proprietary AMD driver because it blocks my system. Can someone tell me why you can not put resolutions higher than 1920x1080 with the new screen manager of Ubuntu 18.04? Please.
Thank you

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#2 2018-05-05 19:45:17

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Re: Hola

Perdona, but it does not sound like an Xfce problem since it showed up after an OS upgrade. Have you searched or asked on the Ubuntu Forum?

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