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#1 2019-08-20 00:18:17

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Need help with menu/whisker-menu stretching menu image and padding it

Hi, I tryed everything, and still some padding exists between panel and menu image button. This doesn't happen with LXDE.
What I need is to learn how to stretch/expand the menu image for match panel's size, like in WindowsXP.

If it is so hard for XFCE4, at least give me the idea for what source file should I modify?

Here is the problem: https://imgur.com/a/NbXDDiL
Here is my .gtkrc-2.0: http://dpaste.com/2BF36VT

---- EDIT 1 ----
Finally almost got it, I just edited panel plugin "applicationsmenu.c", finally removed vertical padding for integrated menu plugin, but still it is padding horizontally with 1px


---- EDIT 2 ----
You can close this, I already done it. Just added "GtkButton::inner-border = {0, 0, 0, 0}" to my "style "default"{...}". If someone wants it, here you have my .gtkrc-2.0:


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