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#1 2020-02-29 03:52:24

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Hi, Have been using linux for several years now. Originally liked KDE (4 that is) for its bling and such; however as time went on I realized that I didn't use the bling and would prefer stability over glitz. After KDE went to version 5, my distro required a reinstall, so I decided to look around at other desktops and eventually settled on XFCE because it is almost as customizable as kde and I liked the layout as my first system was XP then 7, and, furthermore, from my observations and multiple reviews, it is the most stable desktop period. I switched sometime last year without any regrets, and that is my XFCE story.

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#2 2020-02-29 14:06:56

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Re: Hello

I hear quite often how configurable KDE is. Yet, in spite of my making numerous attempts to try out KDE D.E., I end up more baffled and confused by it than the first time I tried it. Don't get me wrong; from a code perspective, it as an excellent competitor to Gnome.
But in use... Something as simple as changing themes is like pulling teeth. It feels tightly controlled and counter-inuitive. All aspects of it are separated and managed by GUI applications that only allow you to pick elements that can be downloaded from a repository. In my current O.S., I can build and apply a theme at my own whim.
Whenever I loaded up a KDE desktop- figuring out how to sign in to my internet was another hair-puller. Finding the setting for it is also counter-intuitive, it is nowhere that you think it would be. In the last two attempts, I never did find it and terminal commands resulted -null and I gave up on trying the Distro before really giving it a chance because if one of the simplest first basic steps was that impossible...
It does not SEEM configurable to me, at all. My attempts at experience with KDE contradict the many claims I hear.
I would be very happy if someone were willing to take a bit of time to help me suss out what it is that I am missing about KDE.


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