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#1 2020-06-06 17:17:01

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Incorrect result of installing a clone

Arrived at a milestone, I had saved my sdcard (dd to gzip file), and - just to check - cloned a new sdcard from the saved image. Everything went fine, but the display of my user desktop (xfce) on the cloned system was wrong - far too big.

Some details:
- the original system (source for the clone)  was configured for a display with a resolution of 1600x1280
- theresolution of xfce desktop on the cloned system looked as if the resolution had been modified to 1024x768
- doing (cloned system) Settings->Display  the resolution was indicated as 1024x768 - changing the this to 1600x1280  (followed by Apply) had no effect whatever
- the original had raspi-config->Advanced Options->Resolution selected 1600x1200
- this problem was specific to a single user (the user for whom on the original system I had done same slight modifications to the xfce configuratIon)
- other users (e.g. pi) - for whom the xfce configuration had been left at its default value had the correct resolution
- resetting the xfce configuration for the user with the bad resolution (rm .config) made the problem disappear.

Since there exists the workaround of starting with a fresh xfce configuration (re-create .config), this problem in itself is not a serious handicap for me. But, what is pre-occupying is the fact that a perfectly straightforward clone does not provide a correct image of the original. How reliable is the creation of a clone - are there other details that get modified, but which I have not seen? Is the fact, that doing Settings->Display->Resolution is accepted (and, in consequence, permanently showing 1600*1200, but maintaining the incorrect resolution) a bug?

Sorry - I made a mistake in posting this question, it should have gone to the Raspbery Forum

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