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#1 2020-06-22 11:42:12

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Hello from China

Hi all,
I am new to Xfce also new to Arch Linux. I start to use Xfce from a youtube tour about how to install Arch Linux. It almost spend one week to get used to it. I need to study how to set network, how to mount USB devices, how to update software, how to do something else. But so far so good. The application finder is the best I ever used. Because of my poor English and poor memory about names, I just need to type a few words and get what I want. But I didn't like the default shortcut(ctrl+f3) when I hit ctrl+alt+f3  and never come back. For now, I just change the shortcut, so never mind:)
Sorry about my poor English, I just told you. haha~


#2 2020-06-22 11:49:22

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Re: Hello from China

Hello and welcome to the forums.


#3 2020-06-22 13:24:10

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Re: Hello from China

Welcome to the forum.
For installing software Arch uses Pacman. I'm not an Arch user I cannot elaborate too much. However, when it comes to how-to info the arch wiki is second to none. If there is one thing that can be said about Arch is that there information is fantastic and I think they work hard to keep it current.
For network management Network-Manager is probably a good route. It has several plugins for different connection types.
USB devices should mount automatically with the correct software installed. gvfs etc.
The application finder is great but you can also use the Whiskermenu plugin in the panel. It also provides the function you describe and more. It will search as you type.
For file searches you can use Catfish. Just remember to refresh it to make the database current.


Debian Sid
Xfce 4.14


#4 2020-06-22 15:12:41

Registered: 2020-06-22
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Re: Hello from China

Thank for you guys reply smile
Yeah, the arch wiki is good, I spend much time on it when I got trouble. I think this is the power of the community.
The network currently works well. I didn't want to bother it(the days without network was badly). But I will give it a try when I needed. Thank you for your advice
Goodnight everybody! (from utc+8 timezone)


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