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#26 2020-06-13 18:11:31

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Re: Screenshots - 2020

bimlas wrote:

Panel plugins arranged by click rate: because the window close, maximize, etc. buttons are in the top right corner, so I put the most frequently used items here, and the ones in the bottom left corner that I don’t usually even click on.

I like your way of thinking. I don't go that far, having the panel at the top and launching things with the keyboard is enough for me, but it makes such a difference to your wrists to consider mouse travel when laying things out.


#27 2020-06-28 03:46:06

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Re: Screenshots - 2020

MX Linux setup. Really love MX and XFCE.
Main thing for me is usability so a clear, grippable, unambiguous theme is important. I developed this one myself with a 7px frame.
I get better performance on this laptop with the compositor disabled despite having an decent graphic card. The response to mouse clicks is absolutely like lightning.
I've been on MX 7 months now and have no inclination to change.


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