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#1 2021-02-06 23:50:39

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FAVORITES folder(s) in Thunar

Greetings to y'all!

There's been some chatter about Ubuntu adding file-"Favorites" to their Gnome-DE. Come to think of it, many years ago when I left windoz behind, what I missed most was windoz' GUI-way of gathering shortcuts to frequently-used files in custom "toolbars".

So Ubuntu's announcement of collecting links to frequently used files in a new "Favorites" folder prompted me to use xfce's flexibility and devise a functionally equivalent solution to Ubuntu's, or Mate's "drawers".

I'm sure that the setup for this could easily be scripted, but it is really quite simple to set up:

1) create a new "Favorites" folder in one's $HOME-folder.
2) create as many subfolders under "Favorites" as desired, ie "ToDo", "Later", "WiP" etc.
3) add a new "custom action" to thunar, with the command line as follows, below ...

targetfolder=$(yad --title "Select target folder" --center --file-selection --directory --filename=$HOME/Favorites/*) && ln -s -t  $targetfolder %F %N

4) add a "Directory Menu" plugin/button to the panel and point its "Base Directtory" to the new "Favorites" folder.

Done. So from now on, whenever I try to organize my downloads, or prioritze my work-in-progress docs, all I need to do is to invoke my new custom action and set up a link under "Favorites" to the file. This could easily be extended with other functions, ie to move or copy the files to their new target folder(s). But the new shortcuts work for me just fine.

PS: Because i could not get this to work right with "zenity", I installed "yad" from the repository and finished this project.

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#2 2021-02-07 21:43:15

From: Canada
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Re: FAVORITES folder(s) in Thunar

Thanks for sharing. An interesting way to track. categorize and manage frequently used files.


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