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#1 2021-11-16 14:22:20

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pulseaudio plugin just doesn't give fine enough control over volume

even after using the (for some reason hidden) option to change the volume increment from 5% to 1%, one 'click' of the mouse wheel in either direction adds or removes a bit over 6 decibels to the sound volume, at least for my sound card. that's absolutely huge. if I hadn't used the hidden option and kept using the default of 5%, it would be changing the volume in steps of ~30 decibels. that's absolutely insane.

the option needs to be unhidden at the very least, and it needs to be changed to accept a real instead of an integer

I've had to create two launchers on my panel to run "pactl -- set-sink-volume" commands just to get some actual control over sound volume


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