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#1 2021-11-20 19:46:28

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Mouse select copy & paste trouble

I often select text with my mouse in one application (simply by holding down the left mouse button and dragging) and paste it into another using the middle mouse button.  Most often the applications are emacs and konsole, but there are others.

I'm now having trouble with this in xfce-4.16 (FreeBSD) and I'm wondering if anyone else does also, and whether anyone has a reliable way to reproduce this:  At least one time out of five I will select the text with my mouse, but what I paste is not what I just selected - it is what I selected previously.  I have to reselect the desired text and paste again for it to work.

I've played around with Clipman to see if I could monitor what was in the copy/paste buffer, but I never saw anything enter the history (I tried several settings).

I'd love to file a bug on this, but would like to have a reliable way to reproduce it first (I know full well how helpful that is) and have not been able to pin down a pattern.

Anyone else see this?



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