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#1 2022-02-10 23:46:15

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how to add my standard standard applications


I did just install xfce4 in Deepin 2.4
It seems to work well but I meet difficulties to add my standard applications.

I find 6 preinstalled icons in a small barre at the foot of the screen

first problem: I would prefer an automatic hidden bar because I often use maps and prefer don't to meet some such resident pertubation on the screen as this place can be very important on the map to see 2 extremely far points on the map without to have to change the zoom factor (and sometime loose the details like street names etc.

second problem: I don't like xfce4-terminal but I would prefer it as the deepin-terminal (opening if I hit on the icone!). but I would prefer sakura. one of both sakura or xfce4-terminal. I see to ways! Erase the actual icone (for deepin-terminal) from the barre and install the other icone for for ex. sakura. how to do that?

third problem: same thing with thunar: I like thunar but I prefer to use nemo. It is about the same, but nemo can show the a tree view I did not find in thunar! how to define nemo as my prefered file manager?

forth problem: I need some indicator/setting for keyboard layout indicator and sound level in the TOP bar. how to add both?

xfce4-appfinder shows no favorite directory. how to add it?


#2 2022-02-11 00:37:31

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Re: how to add my standard standard applications

Assuming this is a default Xfce environment (or close to it) without additional packages for docks and other fancy things:

  1. Right-click the panel, PanelPanel Preferences…. In the Display tab, under General. change Automatically hide the panel: from Never to either Always or Intelligently.

  2. Add a launcher to Sakura in your panel

  3. Launch Thunar, select ViewSide PaneTree. Alternatively, press Ctrl+E, and Ctrl+B to switch back. https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/the-f … ger-window

  4. For keyboard layouts, there should be an external panel plugin called Keyboard Layout. This wiki page explains in details how to add new items to panels. For sound, there is xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin.

  5. Right-click on any item in the list and select Add to Bookmarks

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