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#1 2022-02-11 22:11:39

From: Williams Lake, BC, Canada
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Thunar left side panel "Devices" context menu

I've been using both Linux Mint 20.3 xfce, and GalliumOS 3.1 xfce, and both with Thunar.  I am mounting an AWS S3 filesystem using s3fs.  In both; Mint Thunar and Gallium Thunar, my AWS S3 filesystem shows up under the "Devices" listed in the Thunar left side panel.  If I click on the "eject" up-arrow button on the Mint Thunar, my AWS S3 filesystem unmounts fine.  But if I click on the Gallium Thunar "eject" up-arrow, I get the error: "umount <filesystem> umount failed: operation not permitted.", and I have to open up a user terminal and instead run; "fusermount -u <filesystem>" which unmounts the AWS S3 filesytem just fine and the name of it disappears from Thunar Devices just fine as well.

So to me this just seems like a difference in the way xfce/thunar was configured in Mint versus in Gallium.  I've had a look through the xfce documentation in the hopes of finding where and in which file this "eject" button for Thunar might be configured.  But I've not had much luck.  And the Thunar "edit --> Configure customer actions" doesn't seem to do anything for the Thunar left side panel context menus either.

So where and in which file would I find settings & configuration for the "Devices" context menu in the Thunar left-side panel?

Thanks and regards,


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