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#1 2022-05-08 08:57:25

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Window minimize into Starter

hmm i'm new to Linux and a hard time figuring how to pose my question... so I have a panel at the bottom of dekstop with app starters and window buttons . now when an app is opened the window obviously get's displayed seperately where the window buttons are placed ,but is there any way to like integrate the windows into the starter so that when i click on the app icon the windows of that particular app show up and also minimize into it , like it is with Mac OS docks for example ?


#2 2022-05-08 10:13:04

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Re: Window minimize into Starter

Hello and welcome.

You are looking for the xfce4-docklike-plugin - it acts more like those types of docks. Alternatively, you can install and use plank.


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