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#1 2022-10-30 11:17:00

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ANNOUNCE: xfce4-dev-tools 4.17.1 released

xfce4-dev-tools 4.17.1 is now available for download from
  https://archive.xfce.org/src/xfce/xfce4 … .1.tar.bz2
  https://archive.xfce.org/src/xfce/xfce4 … r.bz2?sha1
  https://archive.xfce.org/src/xfce/xfce4 … bz2?sha256

What is xfce4-dev-tools?

The Xfce Development Tools are a set of scripts and m4/autoconf macros
that ease build system maintenance.


Release notes for 4.17.1
[Please note that this is a development release.]

- Warn about GLib functions newer than the checked GLib version
- Drop the test altogether
- xdt-autogen: Fix deprecation warning from grep 3.8
- Use GLib structured logging
- xdt-autogen: simplify do_version_check()
- Add new dependencies to the builder
- Do not run useless distcheck in CI
- Add favicon to Xfce API docs
- Bump our xfce builder to ubuntu 22.04
- Add autopoint to xfce-build
- Add a workaround for thunar documentation generation
- Update COPYING
- xfce-build: Fix build with SELinux (!58)
- xfce-update-news: Add release date and adjust separator
- xfce-do-release: Make warnings more visible
- xfce-do-release: Check the copyright year in `configure.ac*`
- xfce-do-release: Extend `configure.ac.in` update to `configure.ac`
- xdt-autogen: Fallback on `n` as IFS if `1` is not supported
- Fix exclusion of `xdt-autogen.in` in `.gitignore`
- Update developer.xfce.org home to add tumbler
- Add tumbler to xfce-build container
- Fix "image:" name in .gitlab-ci.yml
- Add libsensors4-dev to build-container
- Try to bump docker-dind image
- xfce-do-release: Update Appdata file
- gitlabci: Ensure distcheck still runs
- gitlabci: Add release stage that retains tarballs
- Add lm-sensors to dependencies, for xfce4-sensors-plugins CI
- Separate CFLAGS from CXXFLAGS


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