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#1 2022-12-09 12:14:17

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Specifying colours for xfce4-terminal on Dell Latitude 7320

I just created a multi-boot Linux (Mageia) installation on my new Dell 7320 laptop with an Xfce (4.16) desktop environment. Installation went smoothly, but I am having problems declaring background and text colours for xfce4-terminals - for instance when I create a root-terminal with a dark-red background and yelloish text display, using the command

xfce4-terminal --color-bg=#600000 --color-text=#FFFFAA -e 'su -'

On my new Dell Laptop this creates a gray background with black text, on all other machines it works as desired (I assume that a black display indicates that a colour is not defined).

Initially, I had attributed this problem to missing or wrong colormaps. But, after comparing what I see on the laptop and on a Dell Optiplex 7090 desktop, this may also be a problem that happens when xfce4-terminal evaluates colour specifications - but why only on the laptop?

  • Xfce on my laptop and on the desktop are configured strictly similarly (script-generated);

  • on both, Xfce does not, by default, explicitly configure a colormap (as indicated by the colormgr utility);

  • that works perfectly on the desktop, mis-behaves - see above - on the laptop;

  • running a small Gtk3 programm that displays a coloured square (hence an application that specifies and displays colours, but independently from Xfce) works perfectly, both on the desktop and the laptop: there is no fundamental problem with the display of colours.

Some more observations:

  • the problem on the laptop exists both if colours are specified using ...=<colorname> and ...=#<hexvalue>;

  • using colormgr to configure a specific colorprofile does not help (or did I miss specifying the correct profile?);

  • I am using Mageia-8 packaged Xfce, not a user-built one.

Did somebody have a similar problem? What can I do to further clarify what is happening?

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