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#1 2023-01-02 03:32:21

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How to ssh into remote servers with predefined colors

I found that terminal assigns random combinations. So the "vary the background" did not allow me to say a specific color meant I was logged in the mail servers rather than web, dns, database, and so on. Also I have a rather unique goal of want terminal to work as much like xterm as possible.

terminal has a number of options Documentation can be found at https://docs.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-terminal/command-line. in my case defining a launcher with the command:

xfce4-terminal --title='artemis' --color-bg=#fdf6e3 --color-text=#073642 --command='ssh artemis'

does exactly what I want. To ssh into the remote server with the color that defines that server on the PC based workstations. Thus my iMac works and looks pretty much like my laptop and office workstations

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#2 2023-05-03 00:30:25

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Re: How to ssh into remote servers with predefined colors

One can do this.
Better is to use a terminal, which supports profiles.
If you logged in with your shown settings, you'll
probably met an editor, which uses coloring - then
this short way may already fail.
Better would be, to have a big colored border,
which so may give an additional security hint.
What I am missing from mate-terminal is,
that it can associate a command with a configured


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