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#1 2023-04-02 19:13:05

Registered: 2023-01-18
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Do not understand the status tray concept

I am having a hard time understanding the expected behaviour of the status tray notification panel items.

- missing functionality

- duplicated functionality

- missing icons, icons all different sizes, other theming glitches

- weird things like a seperate item being created for every wifi signal strength (e.g. mynetwork 90% signal, my network 94% signal etc)

I feel that I do not "get" what it is supposed to be doing.

Even after a couple years of xfce I am always finding myself clicking around randomly trying to do something like find a simple volume controler. I cannot figure out how to set it up so it has what I need.

Is it possible to seperate the widgets from the box, and specifiy them individually? It would be a lot easier for me.


#2 2023-04-03 18:07:29

Registered: 2021-05-10
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Re: Do not understand the status tray concept

There's not much to understand. The status tray basically is just a collection container for system notification icons on the panel, eg , xfce power manager, clipman, software updater, network-connection status are typical icons that are stored within it. If you don't include the status tray plugin as an item on the panel then the icons mentioned won't appear.

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