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#1 2023-04-03 23:36:39

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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a feature i would like to see added to Xfce

when i switch to a different user, that involves a totally different instance of X server (different process ID than the X server for other users, and a totally different instance of Xfce and its config files.  so it is easy for each user to have a different set of keyboard shortcuts.  not so for different work spaces.  a different workspace is just a different set of X windows clients that are exposes with all others minimized to not be on the screen at all.  switch workspace just minimizes everything and exposes a different set.

what i would like to have is a (different) set of keyboard shortcuts for each workspace.  this should not be so hard to do.  i even have an idea how to do it now but the app to change keyboard shortcuts would not work correctly since it is not designed to understand workspaces or multiple keyboard shortcut configurations.  otherwise you'd have to manually edit the keyboard shortcut config files (one for each workspace or a whole new design with a workspace ID in each entry).

if others like this idea, it might motivate me to dig into and learn Xfce source and API (i already know C and Python programming).  i have a few other ideas i expect to bring up in the future.  i am thinking about the size of Xfce.  i would trying to confine any size increases only to those actually using a new feature.


#2 2023-05-03 00:03:44

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Re: a feature i would like to see added to Xfce

If we are starting to talk about workspaces, I'll add another one:
Hovering workspaces should bring the number of iconized windows
in this workspace. If you are searching, "where is this window", you'll
probably see a lot of empty workspaces and you'll not go into some,
to see these. Misleading!
Just my two cents.


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