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#1 2023-04-28 04:03:02

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Splash animation

while booting up with Xubuntu 20.04 rather early i see an animation that shows the name "Xubuntu" and below that a rotating circle trying to show fake progress activity.  i have some ideas how i want to change it so i am wanting to find how to do this.  i can't think of specific words to use to search for how this is done in terms of accessing the boot up stuff and avoiding other graphical tools and files.  i'd like to know what program runs this as well as where the files are.  my idea is animation but the program may also need to be changed.  where do i need to start looking?

yes, the Xubuntu splash is different than the Ubuntu one of the same version.


#2 2023-04-28 10:16:41

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Re: Splash animation

The program is called plymouth. Here is the Ubuntu wiki page for it.

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