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#1 2023-06-01 11:34:45

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thunar 1.8.14 using as default filemanager problem

please, can anyone help?

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.6 with Cinnamon Desktop 4.4.8 overlaid and using Thunar as my default file manager. When I open an image with Shotwell Viewer and try Shift+Ctrl+Q to view it in the file manager. Shotwell opens my default image viewer (GPicView) but not the Thunar file manager. The same issue occurs when Firefox uses the "Show in Folder" feature. The file type is always opened but not the file manager. I've tried many hints and tips I found on other websites to fix the problem for Firefox and Shotwell, but none worked. If i set Nemo or Nautilus as preferred application, everything works as expected.


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