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#1 2023-11-03 20:19:27

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Fill window vertically & horizontally hotkeys not working

In past I mentioned I found a couple hotkeys that were not working correctly and they were confirmed.
Before I report them I was wondering if someone could possible confirm two more that I found that don't appear to be working.
Fill window vertically
Fill window horizontally
I thought these are suppose to extend windows to screen edge / other window edges but they don't appear to do anything that I can see?

Side note:
The "Fill Window" hotkey does work, actually overlooked this one it is actually a pretty cool hotkey if anyone else is unaware of it.  If you have a window open and you open up another one in the negative space, it makes that window fill that space.  Only thing is little tricky because the window you want to fill the space with has to have its edges in the negative space, if not, where it is overlapping the other window then it will just fill the entire screen, if that makes sense.

Anyways if anyone can confirm the other two hotkeys please let me know, this way I can report all the hotkey issues I have found all at once.

Thank You

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#2 2023-11-04 20:26:29

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Re: Fill window vertically & horizontally hotkeys not working

Greetings to you!

As far as Linux Mint 21.0 / 21.1 / 21.2 distro versions go, the 3 shortcuts you mentioned have not been set. Once set (Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard tab) with a vacant shortcut (such as Alt+/), they work as expected -- no problem here. So, have you looked at your distro's shortcut keys and made sure that they are properly set up, and if set, that they don't conflict with some other window-manager setting?

Cheers, m4a

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#3 2023-11-04 21:50:21

Registered: 2023-02-19
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Re: Fill window vertically & horizontally hotkeys not working

XFCE 4.18

Thank you for your response.
So it does work for you, that is strange, well strange for me.
Yes these items are no assigned by default for me either.
When I assign a custom hotkey in the Window Manager (I just did Super+3 for my test, did one at a time) neither of them did anything.  Nothing seems to be using this hotkey, and if they do I get a warning asking me if I want to override the hotkey with new one.
They are suppose to function similar to the "fill window" but just extend the window either horizontally or vertically at least that is what I am expecting them to do.
Thank you again for trying this out for me.

If anyone else experiences the same issues I am please let me know


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