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#1 2023-11-04 22:35:43

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Thunar horizontal split

In the past I remember seeing someone mention that Thunar had the ability to have a horizontal split.
Currently if you hit F3 you get a vertical split which is preferred, but in some situations it might be nice to have a horizontal split as well.
This was possibly a feature that maybe was going to be added, just wasn't sure if it ever was.
Was just wondering if anyone knows if this exists.
I have seen it mentioned that it might be a hidden Thunar setting?
Seems like should just be a separate hotkey to activate this mode?
This was probably never added because Thunar only provides one folder tree / bookmark sidebar.

Anyways if anyone has any info about this please let me know
Thank You


#2 2023-11-04 23:54:34

From: Canada
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Re: Thunar horizontal split

A hidden setting was added in 4.17.8 that allowed you to specify whether you wanted a vertical split or not (horizontal split). To enable vertical splitting:

xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -t bool -s true --create

To reset to horizontal split:

xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -s false

To toggle between the two:

xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -T

Note: the labels "vertical" and "horizontal" seem swapped to me - like it should be the other way around?

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#3 2023-11-05 14:41:35

Registered: 2022-06-09
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Re: Thunar horizontal split

^ Sweet, I will use that everyday. Thanks.

xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -s false

As for the naming. I think is which way the panels are split in relation to each other, not which way the split line is running.

vertical -true means the panes are split vertically from each other.

Again, thanks for the good tip. Your knowledge is surpassed only by your charm and good looks.


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