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#1 2023-11-29 19:28:17

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how to make suggestions? (change default XFCE theme)

how can i make a suggestion to change the default theme for xfce? the bottom bar is unnecesary, the top bar should be at the bottom and whisker-menu should ship by default. with this changes, xfce would be perfect

for me, xfce4 is by far the only usable WM. it has all the features and is still lightweight, but the only bad thing is that by default, people may think it's too ugly to use, and i don' blame them. you can surely change it, but you will have to do some things after installing, which are "hard" to discover if you don't know any themes

i am too new of a programmer to contribute directly, so my contribution is this open suggestion


#2 2023-11-29 21:58:39

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Re: how to make suggestions? (change default XFCE theme)

This is usually determined by the distro builders. Mine, Siduction, comes with a panel on the bottom and Plank on top. I don't recall if Whisker was installed by default or not. Chances are even if you install Xfce4 after the fact you'll the distro's version and tweaks. Some still distribute the stock Xfce4. The fact is that's it's pretty simple to configure it to your preferences, even if it's all new to you.

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