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#1 2023-12-02 17:05:51

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xfce4-terminal : keeping the symlink path?

Using Xfce 4.16 x86-64 and xfce4-terminal 0.8.10

Is it possible via a cheat code or via a hidden setup to get the following behaviour:

I have some symlinks that link to my most used folders and are set up via rc.local to direct to the correct path (the internal paths stay static since all are on the drive sda but external drives can move around, one time a drive can be seen as sdb and the other time as sdc; but my code in rc.local handles all that by itself, when the correct drive is found the symlink(s) gets created, when the drive is not present at boot time: no symlink(s)).

Currently my main video folder is symlinked to /v3 ("v" for "video" and "3" because the currently used main video folder sits in that drives sdX"3" ) and it is a valid symbolic link to /mnt/sdb3/video/ (because that external drive is currently seen as /dev/sdb)

Now, when I open a new xfce4-terminal window and change into /v3/ and open a new tab, that new tab's $PWD is changed to  /mnt/sdb3/video/
Is there a way to get xfce4-terminal to stay at the symbolic link path (in this case: open the new tab in  /v3/ instead of opening the new tab in /mnt/sdb3/video/ ) ?

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#2 2023-12-02 20:11:14

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Re: xfce4-terminal : keeping the symlink path?

I would expect that the new tab would open with the symlink'd location - not the real location. I would call this a bug and you should open a bug report.

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#3 2023-12-03 03:23:28

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Re: xfce4-terminal : keeping the symlink path?

You could change tactics.
Assign a label to the drive, then it will be addressable as /dev/disk/by-label/label.
Next, mount the drive using the label with the mount point where you want it, directly ~/Videos.
Works for me!


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