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#1 2024-01-02 17:50:44

Registered: 2024-01-02
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Video frame check with ffmpeg, timestamp included

The script :


while IFS= read -r -d $'\0' video
    filename=$(basename -- "$video")
    ffmpeg -y -i "$video" -vcodec libx264 -crf 51 -preset ultrafast -acodec copy -f mp4 -movflags frag_keyframe+empty_moov+delay_moov pipe:1 >/dev/null 2>"${filename}.txt" </dev/null
done < <(find -iregex ".*\.\(mp4\|mkv\|m2ts\|ts\)" -print0)
#dos2unix -c mac "${TxtFileName}"
#grep -C 5 -i -n 'error\|duplicate\|failure' "${TxtFileName}"
grep -i -n 'error\|duplicate\|failure\|missing' "${TxtFileName}"
echo "Ready"
read pause

Example of output :

frame=192290 fps=107 q=53.0 size=  156266kB time=01:04:06.00 bitrate= 332.8kbits/s speed=2.14x   
frame=192342 fps=107 q=53.0 size=  156266kB time=01:04:07.01 bitrate= 332.8kbits/s speed=2.14x   
frame=192398 fps=107 q=52.0 size=  156266kB time=01:04:08.16 bitrate= 332.7kbits/s speed=2.14x   
[h264 @ 0x560981921880] co located POCs unavailable
frame=192457 fps=107 q=54.0 size=  156266kB time=01:04:09.34 bitrate= 332.6kbits/s dup=3 drop=0 speed=2.14x   
[h264 @ 0x5609818dd580] concealing 3317 DC, 3317 AC, 3317 MV errors in P frame
./Scotland Yard jagt Dr.Mabuse.ts: corrupt decoded frame in stream 0
frame=192510 fps=107 q=52.0 size=  156266kB time=01:04:10.39 bitrate= 332.5kbits/s dup=3 drop=0 speed=2.14x   
frame=192570 fps=107 q=53.0 size=  156463kB time=01:04:11.59 bitrate= 332.8kbits/s dup=3 drop=0 speed=2.14x   
frame=192627 fps=107 q=50.0 size=  156463kB time=01:04:12.74 bitrate= 332.7kbits/s dup=3 drop=0 speed=2.14x


#2 2024-01-02 18:10:18

From: Canada
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Re: Video frame check with ffmpeg, timestamp included

What is the question or problem that you would like to discuss regarding the code above?

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#3 2024-01-02 19:24:36

Registered: 2024-01-02
Posts: 8

Re: Video frame check with ffmpeg, timestamp included

General discussion :

Perhaps some one does mean, ffprobe will be the better tool (faster, same output, but also will be updated as ffmpeg SW) ?


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