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#1 2024-01-28 16:46:44

Registered: 2020-11-13
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I'd rather not save any session

If I shut down or restart while some applications are still running, said applications are reloaded and restarted upon next startup and then again on each subsequent startup, until I explicitely delete the session so saved.
In Settings Manager/Session and Startup/General, nothing is checked, nothing ever was.

This undesired resumption of session happens only since I re-installed Debian + XFCE4 some days ago. It had never occured before in 10+ years of my using XFCE.

What shall I verify and set ?


#2 2024-01-30 04:02:53

Registered: 2023-12-04
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Re: I'd rather not save any session

When you click Logout from the Whisker menu make sure you take the check out of the box that says, "Save sessions for future logins" and then reboot your computer.

I am horrible at using the terminal as I could never learn the command line.


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