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#1 2024-03-02 20:41:46

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some videos are terribly long. for ex. are videos to learn foreign languages at y! to find, which have a size of 8 or 10 hours (to learn sleeping! but you can also learn more efficiently if you are awake!).

can xfce manage the session so, that, if you break the session, the video is exact at the point, where it was as you did break?

what is to (eventually) do to accede to this figure?


#2 2024-03-02 22:18:58

From: Canada
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Re: videos

I don't think this is something that Xfce would handle - it would be dependent on the capabilities of the application to do that - specifically to restore the video at the point in time of the playback.

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#3 2024-03-06 21:19:31

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Re: videos

Thank you very much ToZ for the clarification.

If I good understand, has xfce4 all proprieties needing to save my session including that what the application, in this case VLC or MPV or xine-ui or mplayer, itself can remember?
Which part of xfce4 as needing to do that?

(Why the question? I don't like the old presentation of the complete xfce4! SliTaz itself (the complete distro fits in 50 MB) offers a GOOD settings panel in the TazWeb own browser (based on webkit. In XFCE4, I must always search «where is what to change» to do that or that.
Thank you very much!

But it is true, it seems to be the most small session manager permitting to remember, where were I working last session, 3 hours ago, but also sometimes yesterday, a week ago, or before I did start for my last travel where I have not my PC.

I will try to install my new distro not with a -> complete distribution ,- any more (which would install among of things I would never use in the live) but step by step in Debian beginning with a Tasksel installation without some desk (only the last item in tasksel, the tools).

I install -> justX <-

(it would be / is

sudo apt install links2 #  = y can browse
didiwiki # = a smart writer producing text files (in ~/.didiwiki) with bold / underlined / italic and pictures, titels etc., see the help!)
cups  # can be used in pure command line environment!
ranger # idem
links2 # to surf, later with some pictures
# and, now, the major package:
menu # for jwm
jwm # it is so small and so beautiful
sakura # (I am old and have next week an operation of my eyes! young people can pass this option and use xvt etc)

in a good installation, nano appears in the menu since about 30 y. (nano and jwm were parts of BASIC linux, the graphic linux fitting in only 2 FD floppies, the 2d one not full!)


on that

i already add one part of gnome and one part of xfce4:

sudo apt install didiwiki cups ranger links2 xorg menu sakura grun xfce4-appfinder

That is my -> justX <- installation!

now came more xfce4 part to REMEMBER THE SESSION

and more app's for some precise jobs (drawing, sound & multimedia etc., where I prefer old friends (konqueror or epiphany-browser, mplayer, libxine, etc.)

which packages have to be installed to remember the session?


#4 2024-03-06 22:18:06

From: ON, Canada
Registered: 2008-10-25
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Re: videos

Xfce4 session manager will remember what was running at the time of the session end and restart those applications when the session is restarted. I don't know if the applications will be in the same state though. I know several applications will restart exactly as they were pre shutdown. example: geany editor. I think vlc will also ask if you want to resume a video or start from the beginning. I'm sure there are others but I have not tested for them as I never save sessions. I have found it problematic in the past.

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