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#1 2024-03-15 08:37:56

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Self-repeating Alt-F4 without FnLock

I am experiencing this behavior; when FnLock is off, when I press alt-f4, it begins to repeat. I have tried other combinations (alt+fx, ctrl+f4, etc) none of them had displayed the similar behavior. Pressing another key will stop the repeating but f4 will keep down.

Here is a screen recording.

My f4 is associated with "play/pause". I have previously tried GNOME on Wayland, LXQt on X11 and Budgie on X11, and seems like that it is unique to Xfce.

Does anyone have clues on the original cause and workarounds of this problem? Currently I mapped "close window" to another key bind to prevent abruptly closing all my windows.


#2 2024-03-15 11:48:15

From: ON, Canada
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Re: Self-repeating Alt-F4 without FnLock

For me :
ALT+F4 = close window, second time is exit dialog
CTL + F4 = little window
Fn + F4 = opens display setting

What keyboard and what language are you set to?

Debian Sid
Xfce 4.18


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