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#1 2024-03-21 02:02:07

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strange display behavior with kernel 6.8.1

i am using an nvidia gtx1660ti with nouveau drivers.

I have dual monitors and when i boot to the desktop if the mouse is on the left screen it will bring a window on the right monitor into focus.  so in order to grab a window on the right monitor i have position the mouse cursor on the left monitor approximating the relative location of the window on the right monitor.

this behavior goes away if i switch to the nvidia driver.

and if i downgrade to kernel 6.7.9 the issue goes away with the nouveau.

i think it is an xfce issue because using kde on same machine is fine.

the only thing that could make me think it's not an xfce issue is that the display manager screens are reversed. so i have to move the mouse left to get to the right monitor.  this is with using sddm or lightdm

i posted this on archlinux forums too, but thought i would ask here to see if anyone else is seeing this at all?



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