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#1 2024-03-29 03:02:56

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Excluding xfce4 Window Buttons hover outline from picom shadows


I started using picom (from deb packages) with xfce4 on Debian12, and it's working quite well. But the shadow effects also interact with the wire frame outlines produced by window cycling and Window Buttons' "Draw window frame when hovering a button". The entire area within an outline gets darkened with shadows so it tends to block what's on your screen. It makes it annoying to navigate between windows.

Thankfully, the picom config file features shadow-exclude, which lets you specify a list of conditions of windows that should have no shadow. I managed to find the window class name for the outlines produced by window cycling by just holding Alt+Tab and using xprop to click on the outline. It returns 'xfwm4' and 'xfwm4-wireframe'. Using these, I can stop the annoying shadow boxes from showing up during window cycling.

What's giving me trouble is finding the name for the wireframe/outline produced by Window Buttons hover. I can't just use xprop on this one because it grabs the mouse pointer. I tried collecting all the window IDs while hovering on a window button in hopes of capturing it, but nothing relevant shows up. Maybe it's handled internally or something?

I could live without it, window cycling is working just fine now, but it's a nice feature to keep. Any more ideas I could try out?


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