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#1 2012-06-24 09:19:11

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encrypted removable devices icon on desktop

I configured thunar and thunar-volman to automount removable devices (usb/esata mostly) when plugged in - it works perfectly.
When it comes to encrypted devices, those aren't automounted but an icon is displayed both on the desktop and in the thunar shorcuts view: you click on the icon, a dialog pops up asking a password, the drive is mounted. So far so good.
Anyway, there's a little thing that's bugging me: on the desktop I get an ugly "generic" icon while in the thunar shortcuts view I see the "right" icon with the "encrypted" emblem on it (changing the icon theme doesn't make a difference).
There's a way to change this behaviour and have the same icon on the desktop? how does the "icon selection process" works?

And - OT - what program displays the dialog that asks for the password when I click on the encrypted device icon?

desktop icon
thunar icon


#2 2013-03-09 20:11:30

From: Cape May
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Re: encrypted removable devices icon on desktop

I was wondering about this exact issue also.  It seems like it behaves correctly, just that it cannot show the correct icon from xfdesktop.  It does show it in thunar, though.  I am wondering it is looking for a different icon name from the theme, and if so which one.  Sadly I see this has not been replied to by anyone who might know, though....

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