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#1 2013-09-17 06:51:01

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tumblerd still blocks resources

i've posted on this before:

i have since uninstalled tumbler, and reinstalled later.
i have given some thought about how this whole thumbnail thing works, here's how i see it:
thumbnails are stored in ~/.thumbnails. any application can add thumbnails or use them.
that's why i still see thumbnails although tumbler is uninstalled. or why sometimes new thumbnails are added, e.g. when using an image viewer that has it's own thumbnail creating capabilities.

my problem with tumblerd is about disk reading/writing.
sometimes it gets so busy that mplayer, watching a movie, starts stuttering because it can't fill its cache.
i think this happens when i modify the contents of a folder containing "thumbnailable" (=media?) files.
usually when i delete a file. not necessarily a media file.

- i think this activity is totally useless when i simply delete a file or when the file concerned isn't media.
- the amount of hard drive activity seems to be disproportional when, e.g., i modify something in a folder that contains just a few tiny .xbm files for openbox theming.

is it possible to improve this behavior?


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