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#1 2014-04-28 07:07:58

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How to disable timeout and screen lock

After a period of time my screen goes blank or becomes a login screen.  How do I disable this (I do not have root access).  I don't mind the timeout, but I don't want to have to login all the time.

Running xfce4.4 on  CentOS 5.9

I read a bunch of posts but was not able to extract an answer. (I tried)



#2 2014-04-28 20:37:18

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Re: How to disable timeout and screen lock

This is controlled by your screensaver settings and doesn't require root, being set on a user-by-user basis.  Simply run the screensaver control panel (It should be under Settings; if not, open a terminal and run xscreensaver-demo as a regular user.) and uncheck the option to lock the screen.  If that doesn't help, let us know.

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