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#1 2020-05-11 09:55:02

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Request/Propose: A solution to the debate CSD vs windows manager

Hi everybody,

as you know, XFCE 4.16 will use CSD:

https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadm … ral_ui/csd

Some people like it, some people don't , some people may prefer to use his favorite windows manager.

I think that the best option is: give users the power to choose.

There is an interesting project, called gk3-nocsd , that can disable CSD  from your desktop


but actually you have to install it ad modify your environment variability for make it work. It's not for all kind of users.

My propose: add to XFCE project gtk3-nocsd, with a graphical front-end tool that make you able to enable / disable CDS as you want

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#2 2020-05-17 13:06:03

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Re: Request/Propose: A solution to the debate CSD vs windows manager

THIS would be awesome!

I'm using Mint 19.3 (with the addition of Xfce 4.14 PPA) and all I had to do was to install gtk3-nocsd from software manager. So, it wasn't hard to install, but having it integrated into Xfce itself (with the GUI switch) would be even better.

One thing though:
It seams that developers are using new ways to implement CSDs now, making it difficult for gtk3-nocsd to override CSDs. This is what I mean:


Yes, CSD is gone, but dialog looks ugly.

(Also, some Mint-specific tools cannot be de-CSD-ed, but that's not Xfce dev's responsibility.)

Is there a place where we can express our concerns and give our arguments about this?

PS: I've been reading this forum (and enjoying it, and learning from it) for a long time, but never bothered to post something. This single proposition made me to create account and "step out". Thank you, salome, for bringing this to table.


#3 2020-05-17 21:19:22

File Manager
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Re: Request/Propose: A solution to the debate CSD vs windows manager

I don't know what Xfce 4.15 looks like right now (development version), but I assume CSDs are being implemented.

GTK 4 slated for release this year won't support gtk3-nocsd because gtk3-nocsd relies on something that won't be supported in GTK 4.

Either stay with Xfce 4.14 or use MATE 1.24 which is similar and has an improved window manager (invisible borders for resizing, work to eliminate tearing etc.)

I like Xfce, but transitioning to MATE is easy when the time comes. The biggest loss by not using Xfce is the wealth of information in this forum in my opinion.

Or learn to like CSDs, that's an option that less stubborn users than myself may choose.

The CSD issue has already been discussed on this forum. See these threads:


#4 2020-05-20 22:55:24

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Re: Request/Propose: A solution to the debate CSD vs windows manager

Yeah, not looked back from Plasma on my main PC personally. After settings things up initially it just works.

On one specific issue I have with CSD (vertical maximising), @XfceNation pointed out a workaround -- shortcuts can be assigned via Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard, and this still works with CSD windows. Doesn't allow shading/rollup of those windows, though.


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