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#1 2020-12-10 11:46:11

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Thunar: How to find and tweak its CSS?

-- Here I mean manual overriding CSS values given by a GTK theme (for Thunar), not changing a theme. (Continuing this thread, starting a new topic.)

ToZ wrote:
cy wrote:

How would I then be able to change stuff like the color of hidden files and folders?

Are you referring to the translucent overlay that is added to a cut or hidden file/folder? If so, it looks like its hard coded.

Well, for example; though I actually meant their font color (or, style or weight) which is currently set to normal black.

Is there any common set of GTK3 (.thunar) classes and IDs, and where can I find it to edit particular values in gtk.css – without scanning all potential source code files into the wild?

In ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css, I've just been testing things like

.thunar .file_is_hidden {color: red;}
.thunar_file_is_hidden {color: red;}
.thunar #file_is_hidden {color: red;}

due to key words I found in thunar-file.c, but without success.

ToZ wrote:
cy wrote:

And where and how to generally get Thunar's CSS properties? – I just found the GtkInspector. Sure I can start Thunar with it by spawning "GTK_DEBUG=interactive thunar &", but I still don't know how this would be of use for identifiying any relevant CSS snippets to manipulate them (for example to match Thunar's looks a bit better with [a few] corresponding elements of my GTK3 theme). Something like hovering Thunar and telling me which element I am currently on would be cool, such as a graphical web browser's DOM inspector.

Unfortunately that tool, and reading the thunar source code, is all that you have. It would be really nice if the hover tool existed, but I am unaware of one.

Yeah, unless thunar itself would be turned into a web page ...

Anyway, thx for the insight! At least I now know where to find all of its source code online.


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