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#1 2022-05-04 23:25:42

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Sign in looping

When I turn on my computer I am getting a sign in that takes my entry data then blinks through a screen or two and then comes back to the sign in.  I've tried a number of things from post fixes and nothing worked.  In the end I had to do a back up and then reinstall.  And it happened again... I hope there is a fix, I don't want to leave Xfce after about ten years.


#2 2022-05-05 00:09:28

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Re: Sign in looping

Hello and welcome.
This sounds like an issue with the display manager and not Xfce per se. However...

Which distro and which version of Xfce are you using?

Are you able to post back lo files? Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in as your user via the text console and see if you can somehow post back the end of the ~/.xsession-errors file:

cat ~/.xsession-errors

...as well as the output of:

ls -l $HOME

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#3 2022-05-05 02:46:59

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Re: Sign in looping

systemd journal will usually show what's wrong at the time of initiating a desktop session.

In addition to the above.
After it attempts to log in and returns back to the login window, can you switch to a virtual terminal and run?

journalctl -n 20 --no-pager | nc termbin.com 9999

This will show the last 20 entries in the journal and pipe it to termbin.com (terminal pastebin service). Write down the link and post it here.

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